Monday, July 25, 2016

Hilton Sedona at Bell Rock

I can't believe it took us so long to travel to the beautiful town of Sedona, which is only 90 min from the valley! If you haven't made it up to the Red Rock Valley then you are missing out big time.  As soon as we neared Sedona, we were all  "OOOH's" and "AAAH's". The Hilton Sedona at Bell Rock is right there with gorgeous views all over. Not only were we surrounded with beauty,  but the Hilton was just a beautiful inside. 
Looking out from the balcony in our room was a breathtaking site. 
With a view like that who wouldn't order room service. Speaking of room service our breakfast in bed was too good for words. 
These red velvet pancakes with blueberry compote were soft and pillowy with a cream cheese icing in between each layer so you got a perfect bite every time! I am already missing them. 

Chef Chris Knightly sure knows what he is doing, the menu is full of flavor and looks, taking his food to a luxury level. They also cater perfectly to our Non-alcoholic needs with a great selection of Mocktails, because everyone deserves a gorgeous drink. 

But the food doesn't stop there 
This Chorizo Fondido Dip with manchego & cream cheese was definitely one of the the tables favorites. A very "manly" dish that the guys just couldn't get enough of. 

Roasted chicken with a savory bread pudding

Mac and Cheese that even had me ( a non mac and cheese fan) gobbling it up. 

This salmon with beets, parsnip puree' and swiss chard was most definitely my favorite. I will be requesting those puree'd parsnips on every dish from now on! 

Of course we didn't let a little warm weather stop us from enjoying a s'more by the fire. 

Just before checking out we were able to enjoy this delicious breakfast buffet. Steel cut oats with all the fixings, banana bread french toast, country potatoes, yogurt and fruit. Plus one of the best chocolate croissants I have ever had! 
So Yes we were definitely huge Fans of all the food the Hilton Sedona had to offer. So much so that we never never needed to go find food anywhere else. But if you are looking to Sedona has some amazing restaurants and some with amazing views.
The Hudson; Javelina Cantina; Dahl & Diluca, Famous Pizza, The Local Juicery; Elote Cafe

I know it may look like all we did was eat, and that is kind of true, but the Hilton has so much more to offer. While the boys were off golfing at a four star rated golf course ( steps away from our room) , we were busy enjoying our massage at the spa. I loved how they make you feel so special, right after we were finished we were greeted with tea and water.  

Staying at the Hilton is only half the wonderment that is vacationing in Sedona. There is so much that  Sedona has to offer and if you aren't sure what to do, don't worry they have a concierge specifically designed to help you plan your day. 

Our first day we enjoyed Slide Rock a natural waterslide in the canyon of the red rocks. I had truly never heard of this and couldn't believe how awesome it was. Though it was quite freezing it was absolutely worth it, and I can't wait to bring my kids back. 
Then it was sunset at Cathedral Rock made even more dramatic by the lighting storm. We stayed there taking selfies and pictures for a good 25 min before the guys hauled us in the car. 

The next day we were able to enjoy a Pink Jeep Tour from the famous Pink Jeeps themselves. Our guide Mike was awesome and had so much to share with us, with some off roading and lots of stops for a great picture. 

I don't want to tell you how to spend your vacation or where to stay, but if I were too, I would say copy everything we did and you are sure to have an amazing time! 

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