Saturday, August 22, 2015

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies

My all time go to, favorite dessert is a Homemade Chocolate Chip cookie. I love them soft and chewy with lots of chocolate chips. In fact if there is a bite left without a chip in it, I will pull a single chocolate chip out of the fridge and stick it on top. Yes I am that person!  

Even though I already have a couple of favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes, I still like to search for new ones and try them out regularly. While this makes my husband a little crazy since trying new things isn't his style and he would stick with the same old cookie forever. It's hard to find ones that are all that different from the ones I've already tried, when I saw this one that had a new, never before seen ingredient in it I HAD to give it a try. Well It was Amazeballs! The secret ingredient was Karo Syrup, totally different right?  It was still a soft and chewy like I like it but it was also really smooth and silky. I will definitely be putting this in my FAV  5 of chocolate chip cookie recipes. You can find the recipe here . I followed her instructions completely making sure to chill the dough and also putting some choc. chips right on top to make it look super pretty. 
 I sure do love pinterest and all the exciting new recipes I come across.

Make sure you freeze them right away to eat them all month or in my case for the next two days!

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  1. Yum! If you ever have extras we can help you out. ;) Saw this cheesecake in a jar recipe and thought of you!