Friday, June 5, 2015

Aloha Kitchen

Since we were kids we have been going to Aloha Kitchen, my dad fell in love with this place after he moved here from PA and was always introducing new people to this Authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Now when I was a kid I had only ever had a manapua from Aloha Kitchen and they were by far my most favorite thing on the menu. Its a soft steamed bun filled with pork chunks and a sweet red sauce. I tried finding a manapua when we went to Hawaii a few years back and the only place we found them was at a  gas station! Crazy, and they didn't come close to Ray's back home. They have fresh ingredients and take pride in the food they serve. No doubt you will also see Ray walking around talking to the customers.

Teriyaki chicken, fish and the best macaroni salad

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