Friday, June 19, 2015


While we were in California this last week we were able to sit down with the Co owner and founder of Bruxie, Dean Simon. It was such a treat to hear how Bruxie got started and all that they put into it, all while eating the most amazing waffle sandwiches ever created! They have been cranking these out since 2010 and are constantly adding new things to the menu. We visited the original location in Old Town Orange, but they now have 7 locations with plans for Las Vegas ,and hopefully Tempe, fingers crossed!! They may have built the concept around waffle sandwiches but thats not the only thing they are killing it at. Their shakes are made with custard and have the most amazing flavor, you can sip it through a straw and they don't melt halfway through. They were even voted one of the top 10 shakes in the country! Bruxie makes sure everything they put out is the best, only using pure cane sugar in their sodas and making their own marshmallow fluff. Everything I tried was so good I was sad when it was gone, and even more sad I couldn't have one until I came back to California. If you are lucky enough to live there or happen to be traveling in or around SoCal, a stop at this place is a must! 
                                                                                                                         Homemade Lemon Curd with fresh berries

 Founders Special- Prosciutto, arugula, gruyere and a poached egg

Father's Day Philly Cheese Steak
                                                                                Smores with Bacon
Crispy chicken tenders with house made Carolina BBQ sauce

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